RIM is a REAL ride facility. Our method is performance based and results driven. We believe in making you strong on the bike indoors through quality coaching so that you feel the affects of your training when you head outdoors. You will be coached on form and technique while being motivated by great tunes and positive instruction.


Led by elite coach and performance athlete Greg Day, this is RIM’s premier 12 week class geared for the serious athlete looking to be challenged and pushed each week.  Progressive and periodized, it is recommended that riders attending this class have some cycling experience (either at RIM or outdoors.)  TNT rides are intended to push you to your limits, test your capacity and help you improve.  Fear not, Greg has the uncanny ability to make time in the “explosive pain cave” fun!

*This class is being offered as a 12 week program, those wishing to participate in this training program must be registered to attend.  No drop ins.  

Space is limited so sign up now! 


High intensity, low volume workouts that yield results.  If you’re serious about getting faster and improving your fitness, then The SUFFERFEST rides are for you.  These structured high-intensity interval workouts are designed to provide maximum benefit with minimum time.  Sessions will focus on climbing, base building, endurance, speed and race simulation.  While we work hard, enjoy views and footage from some of the most iconic races in the cycling world…The Tour De France, The Giro d’Italia and the World Championships.  Coached, interactive and engaging, a fun way to train and enjoy the indoor cycling season.  All levels welcome!


RIM RIDE classes are progressive in nature and delivered in blocks.  Each instructor teaching these classes will be mapping out a progressive 3 month periodized plan pending the time of the year.  Classes build upon each other in each semester as this is ideal for cyclists looking for performance improvement.  Select your coach(es) and enroll for the semester. Drop-ins (if and when available) to any class are welcome just know that the delivery of the class is progressive. Semesters are delivered as following:
Be coached through speed and strength intervals.  All levels welcome. (45 to 60mins)


Geared to build your aerobic engine, this class focuses on controlled form, long intervals and continuous movement through targeted specific heart rate zones. Ideal for both the seasoned athlete and the fitness enthusiast who is looking to build stamina and improve performance. All levels welcome. (75mins to 90mins)


In this challenging class, prepare to have your heart rate elevated as you tackle hills, sprints and heavy resistance. Each ride, physically and mentally stimulating, will challenge you. This class is designed for any rider wanting to improve their fitness.  All levels welcome. (45 to 60mins)


Our Friday morning rides are coached at a lower intensity, designed for endurance development and/or active recovery. These sessions are a great way to end the week, spin the legs and prepare for the weekend ahead. If you are a regular at RIM, you will find this Friday morning session the perfect compliment to all your hard work done earlier in the week.