Riding at RIM

We are a friendly, community based indoor cycling experience who is proud to welcome all ages and all fitness levels to the studio.  You can expect a quality ride paired with motivating music at every ride.  We are here to provide you with a safe and energizing cycling experience while coaching you towards your fitness goals.  

Come enjoy riding on our M3i Keiser bikes featuring built in heart rate monitors and power meters.  When coached by these metrics, the gains to be made are exponential and trackable.  Instructors will utilize these tools to provide measurable results.  Its an indoor cycling experience like no other.

We ask that all riders wear SPD compatible clean cycling shoes to class. Not only is this for safety reasons but also for technique and power development, allowing you to develop a proper pedal stroke and engage your hamstrings and glutes correctly. Please bring your own shoes or you may use our shoes free of charge (We encourage you to bring your own shoes if you are a regular at RIM. We cannot guarantee that your size will be available).

Are you new to indoor cycling? Have no fear. Our coaches will make sure that your bike is adjusted to fit your body and that you know how to clip in and out of your pedals. You will be an expert in no time.

Please arrive 10mins before your scheduled class time. Upon arrival you will find a clean towel waiting for you on your bike. Fill your water bottle, use the bathroom if needed, put on your cycling shoes and start warming up. We are punctual with our start time. Please note that the door will be locked as soon as the class has started so we do ask for your on time arrival as courtesy to your fellow riders and coach.

We strongly suggest wearing fitted, athletic attire to class. Many people prefer spandex or padded cycling shorts. Loose fitting pants are not recommended as they will catch on the bike. The room will get extremely warm so prepare to sweat! Short sleeves and tank tops are highly encouraged.

Lastly, we ask that you refrain from wearing any perfumes or scent based products. As we ride in close quarters and sweat LOTS, these odors can cause issues for others. Please make sure that your cell phones are turned off and please refrain from chit chat with your neighbours once the class has started.

If you are ready to develop your cycling skills, improve your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories and have fun while doing it, then let’s get you started.

Ready. Set. Ride.