Starting in the Fall of 2018, RIM will now operate in a semester format, offering classes that are by pre-enrollment only.  Once the minimum numbers of registrants are met, the remainder spaces will be open for drop-in riders.  So, please help us ensure a class happens by committing and registering for the set!

We are pleased to offer you a clean towel for use during your workout!  Post class, please place your dirty towel in the laundry bin at the back of the room. 

Cycling shoes are mandatory.  Our bikes are SPD compatible.  Bring your own or you may use our cycling shoes free of charge (We encourage you to bring your own shoes if you are a regular at RIM. We cannot guarantee that your size will be available).  All shoes must be clean and free of dirt.

All outdoor shoes must be left at either the front or back door upon arrival. Please do not walk through the Rebel Gym on your way up to the mezzanine with outdoor shoes on.

It is each rider’s responsibility to wipe down their entire bike and surrounding area after each ride. Towels and cleaning solution will be provided.

Please arrive 10mins before your class so that you have adequate time to set up your bike, fill your water bottle, use the bathroom etc. Classes MUST start on time. 

All participants must be over the age of 16 to participate in our regular schedule. All minors between the age of 14 – 16 can attend regular class alongside a guardian who must also sign, in person, the consent form. All other ages are invited to join our youth rides or team rides. Inquire for details.  All riders must be over 4”10 to participate.



Pre-enroll in the class or classes of choice and this will guarantee your seat for the entire set.  There will be limited number of drop-in seats available for each class.  To sign up as a drop-in rider, you may register 2 weeks in advance. 

Make sure that you have a valid phone number and email in your account so that you can be contacted should you be wait-listed for a class.

Add yourself to the waitlist if a class if full that you’d like to attend. You will receive an automatic email notification should you be bumped into class. 


There are no refunds for missed classes, late cancels or no shows. Please book yourself in wisely when enrolling for a semester set.

For people riding on a drop in or 5x pass, cancellations must be made 10hrs prior to the class start time for all AM classes.
Ex – a 6am class must be cancelled by 8pm the night before.

Cancellations must be made 8hrs prior to the class start time for all PM classes.
Ex – a 6pm class must be cancelled by 10am that day.

Please show up on time.  Classes start punctually as planned. Riders who show up late will not be allowed to participate. You will find the door locked once class has started. Thankyou for respecting your instructor and fellow riders.

Drop-Ins (or stand-bye) are welcomed so long as space permits.  Feel free to show up and see if a spot opens. We will release any open bikes 5mins prior to the start time of the class.